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We are a small team of independent developers, working on games out of passion and love.

Łukasz Kiełczykowski

Łukasz is a boring and exciting person. He loves and hates programming. He is passionate about a process of any software creation.

Is he crazy? Certainly not normal. He even jumps out of a plane once for a while.

Currently, part of a team in Tokagen as a fullstack developer.

Szymon Licau

Szymon is a tinkerer and loves to experiment.

Thanks to that, he acquired a big variety of skills ranging from vector graphics to coding and game design.

He currently works as a fullstack developer at Tokagen, but after work he is all about games.

Our Games

Magic Sketchatron

Magic sketchatron is a puzzle game, where you directly interact with the levels, to allow non-playable characters complete them.

Inspired by 90's popular child toys - magnetic drawing boards, it introduces an original mechanic that will make your head spin.

It started as a game jam entry, which won the 1st place People's Choice Award in Slavic Game Jam 2016.

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